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DC Student Coalition against Apartheid and Racism

DC Student Coalition against Apartheid and Racism (DC SCAR) had chapters at area colleges, universities and high schools between 1983 and 1998. Led by people of color, DC SCAR influenced generations of leaders. The coalition addressed racism locally, nationally and internationally. It was a small but powerful voice in student movements, alternative media and social change.

YLSN and former DC SCAR members are organizing a series of reunions and digitizing resources related to DC SCAR and student activism in the 1980s.

2008 marks 25 years since the founding of DC SCAR. If you were active in DC SCAR or worked with DC SCAR, we would like to hear from you.

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DC SCAR & Southern Africa: A Brief Sketch of Solidarity

Overview of 1980s student activism, written in 1990

Multiracial Coalitions: Lessons from the Student Movement of the 1980's and Before

Break the Isolation on Campus article (1994)

The Fire Burns:  Los Angeles and the Struggle for Racial Equality into the 21st Century by Ray Davis, Executive Director of D.C. SCAR. (SCAR NEWS, 1993)

DC SCAR in the 90s